Kore is a web application platform for writing scalable, concurrent web based processes in C or Python.
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diff --git a/share/man/kodev.1 b/share/man/kodev.1 @@ -0,0 +1,138 @@ +.TH KODEV 1 +.SH NAME +kodev \- Kore project management tool + +.SH SYNOPSIS +.BR kodev +[\fIOPTION\fR] ... + +.SH DESCRIPTION +This documentation describes the application management tools for building and +running a kore project. For information regarding the technical interface and +C bindings, look to +.BR KORE(3) +where these functions and structures are described. +.BR kore +projects may be managed using the following OPTIONS; + +.BR create +.RS +Create a new application skeleton with the name that is passed to it. This will +create a new directory with all the files required to begin hacking about. +This will also generate a self-signed certificate \fIunless\fR single\-binary +is enabled in the +.BR conf/build.conf +and \fBNOTLS=1\fR is set in the active flavour. Note that this certificate +should not be used for production. +.RE + +.BR build +.RS +Build the application. The properties of this build are read from +.BR conf/build.conf +and the semantics of which are discussed in \fBCONFIGURATION FILES\fR. +.RE + +.BR run +.RS +Run an application (\-fnr implied). The current directory is the path of the +project to be run. This will read from the \fBconf/app.conf\fR discussed in +\fBCONFIGURATION FILES\fR unless otherwise specified. This will build the +application\(emif necessary\(emand start it in the foregound. \fB^C\fR +will stop the process. By default, \fBkore\fR binds to port 8888 on +.BR localhost +and again, this behaviour may be configured in your +.BR conf/app.conf . +If the single\-binary mode is turned on, then that binary will be run as +opposed to the default +.BR $PREFIX/bin/kore . +.RE + +.BR reload +.RS +Reload the application (SIGHUP sent). This in turn triggers a reload of all the +currently loaded modules. +.RE + +.BR info +.RS +Show info on kore on this system. Namely; active flavour, output type, kore +features, kore source and kore binary. +.RE + +.BR clean +.RS +Cleanup the build files. +.RE + +.BR flavour +.RS +Switch between build flavours with the argument being the new flavour. +.RE + +.BR help +.RS +Show the help synopsis. +.RE + +.BR \-p +.RS +Option used in conjunction with \fBcreate\fR to generate an application for use +with +.BR pyko +.RE + +.SH CONFIGURATION FILES +When one calls a \fBbuild\fR on the application, it will read the +.BR conf/build.conf. +This defines attributes of the build such as whether you wish to produce a +single binary instead of a dynamic library. If you choose to do so, also +ensure to set +.BR kore_source +and +.BR kore_flavour +and update the \fBldflags\fR to include the appropriate libraries you intend +to link the binary with. You may also set custom \fBcflags\fR either global to +the flavours or per flavour configurations. + +When a \fBcreate [app]\fR is called, kodev will also create an \fBapp.conf\fR +where 'app' is the name of the project. This configuration describes to Kore +what modules to load, how validators work, what page handlers to map and which +functions and more. Technical documentation regarding the specifics of this +may be found in +.BR KORE(3) + +.SH EXAMPLES +Changing flavour of the build; + +.RS +kodev flavor osx +.RE + +Creating a new application 'app' with \fBpyko\fR support; + +.RS +kodev create \-p app +.RE + +.SH REPORTING BUGS, CONTRIBUTING && MORE +If you run into any bugs, have suggestions or patches, please contact me at +.BR <joris@coders.se> + +More information can be found at +.BR <https://kore.io/> + +.SH AUTHOR +.BR kore +developed by Joris Vink +.BR <joris@coders.se> + +Manpage authored by Guy Nankivell +.BR <guynankivell@gmail.com> + +.SH LICENCE +Usage of this software is provided under the +.BR ISC +license which may be found, with the source, at +.BR <https://github.com/jorisvink/kore> +