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Author: Daniel Chavez <dacechavez@gmail.com>
Date:   Sat,  4 May 2019 23:40:42 +0200

mention http header/body timeout settings

applications/koreconf.md | 6++++++
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diff --git a/applications/koreconf.md b/applications/koreconf.md @@ -63,11 +63,17 @@ There are more options than what is listed below, specifically for validators, a **http_header_max** (default: 4096) > Maximum size of HTTP headers (in bytes). +**http_header_timeout** (default: 10) +> Timeout in seconds for receiving the HTTP headers before the connection is closed. + **http_body_max** (default: 1024000) > Maximum size of an HTTP body (in bytes). > > If set to 0 disallows requests with a body all together. +**http_body_timeout** (default: 60) +> Timeout in seconds for receiving the HTTP body in full before the connection is closed with an 408. + **http_body_disk_offload** (default: disabled) > Number of bytes after which Kore will use a temporary file to hold the HTTP body instead of holding it in memory. >