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2021-04-07 12:57Update for bind_unix rename that happened a long time ago.Joris Vink1+4-3
2021-03-23 14:00no need for semicolumn here.Joris Vink1+2-2
2021-02-26 08:43fix kore_pgsql_ntuples descr.Joris Vink1+2-2
2021-02-02 11:02fix version here tooJoris Vink1+1-1
2021-02-02 09:45use spaces for layoutJoris Vink1+6-6
2021-02-02 09:45tag code with python properlyJoris Vink1+1-1
2021-02-02 09:44fix descriptionJoris Vink1+1-1
2021-02-02 09:43fix versionJoris Vink1+2-3
2021-02-02 09:42Add client authenticationJoris Vink2+43-0
2021-01-23 11:34be more specificJoris Vink1+1-1
2021-01-23 11:32wordingJoris Vink1+1-2
2021-01-23 11:304.1.0 now.Joris Vink1+2-2
2021-01-23 11:30update for 4.1.0Joris Vink2+50-2
2021-01-01 20:17correct release variant a bitJoris Vink1+1-1
2021-01-01 20:14updateJoris Vink1+4-4
2020-10-08 11:38add initial seccomp docsJoris Vink2+47-0
2020-09-05 19:14Fix a couple of typos in various sections.Frederic Cambus4+8-8
2020-08-31 13:31adjust even moreJoris Vink1+1-1
2020-08-31 13:18fix account key location.Joris Vink1+1-1
2020-08-31 13:04Add the -v thingJoris Vink1+9-0
2020-08-31 12:58add full blown routing exampleJoris Vink1+52-24
2020-08-31 12:38spelling hardJoris Vink1+1-1
2020-08-31 12:38fix readme a bitJoris Vink1+1-1
2020-08-31 12:29static and dynamic are out, route is in.Joris Vink1+6-17
2020-08-31 12:28take table freom pythonJoris Vink1+35-102
2020-08-31 12:26put index on websockets apiJoris Vink1+9-3
2020-08-31 12:24put index on tasksJoris Vink1+19-8
2020-08-31 12:21slap an index on pgsqlJoris Vink1+33-15
2020-08-31 12:17put index on misc apiJoris Vink1+15-6
2020-08-31 12:14put index on pools apiJoris Vink1+11-4
2020-08-31 12:12put index on memory APIJoris Vink1+13-5
2020-08-31 12:10correct linksJoris Vink1+2-2
2020-08-31 12:09Add index to buffers APIJoris Vink1+21-9
2020-08-31 12:05add missing strerrorJoris Vink1+26-3
2020-08-31 11:58add missing itemsJoris Vink1+106-4
2020-08-31 11:24Add default acme provider configuration value.Joris Vink1+2-0
2020-08-31 11:23Update ACMEJoris Vink1+45-0
2020-08-31 10:25Add an example on capture groups.Joris Vink1+8-3
2020-08-31 10:23fix function nameJoris Vink1+5-5
2020-08-31 10:22Add domain route docs.Joris Vink1+62-3
2020-08-31 10:11does this workJoris Vink1+1-0
2020-08-31 10:01flesh out configuration optionsJoris Vink1+27-2
2020-08-31 09:36add initial configuration tableJoris Vink1+40-1
2020-08-31 09:22small correctionsJoris Vink1+7-3
2020-08-31 09:20more python docsJoris Vink1+154-74
2020-08-31 09:06adjust example indentationsJoris Vink1+4-4
2020-08-31 09:03Flesh out libcurl support.Joris Vink1+32-1
2020-08-29 16:17more fever induced hackingJoris Vink1+81-3
2020-08-28 08:03Fix a couple of typos in the JSON API documentation.Frederic Cambus1+3-3
2020-08-27 07:32flesh out json documentation.Joris Vink1+217-122
2020-06-29 07:50sort + add jsonJoris Vink1+4-3
2020-06-29 07:46move acme under configurationJoris Vink1+1-1
2020-06-29 07:41add placeholder acme documentJoris Vink1+4-0
2020-06-29 07:40add placeholder for acmeJoris Vink1+1-0
2020-06-29 07:37add latestJoris Vink7+387-37
2020-02-18 12:02bump to 4.0.0Joris Vink1+2-2
2020-02-18 11:59bump to 4.0.0Joris Vink2+3-3
2019-06-07 20:57Fix a couple of typos.Frederic Cambus4+4-4
2019-06-03 13:41new versionJoris Vink1+2-2
2019-06-03 13:40add tagJoris Vink1+1-1
2019-06-03 13:28update for 3.3.1 releaseJoris Vink4+106-1
2019-05-16 18:26add note on httpclient availability.Joris Vink1+2-0
2019-05-15 10:38doc fixes for pythonJoris Vink1+52-10
2019-05-14 21:19no need to specify gitbookJoris Vink1+1-1
2019-05-13 21:20link some stuff togetherJoris Vink1+13-4
2019-05-13 21:12missing curl apiJoris Vink1+98-0
2019-05-13 20:43add initial curl pageJoris Vink2+195-0
2019-05-12 19:13s/3.2.0/3.3.0Joris Vink1+2-2
2019-05-12 19:12update req.pgsqlJoris Vink1+12-4
2019-05-11 09:58more updatesJoris Vink2+24-1
2019-05-11 09:57flesh out initial httpclientJoris Vink1+78-1
2019-05-11 09:35add http_state_[get|cleanup]()Joris Vink1+49-2
2019-05-08 18:04shortcuts -> indexJoris Vink1+1-1
2019-05-05 18:14shortcuts at top of http docsAbel Abraham Camarillo Ojeda1+55-26
2019-05-07 06:53mention libcurl library requirementDaniel Chavez1+4-0
2019-05-07 06:52add missing LOG_ERR constantDaniel Chavez1+1-0
2019-05-05 12:46mention curl_recv_max and curl_timeoutDaniel Chavez1+6-0
2019-05-05 12:28add missing http_state_create().Daniel Chavez1+24-0
2019-05-05 08:30mention artificial body_read restrictionDaniel Chavez1+2-0
2019-05-05 08:01formattingDaniel Chavez1+2-2
2019-05-04 21:40mention http header/body timeout settingsDaniel Chavez1+6-0
2019-05-04 21:31mention the worker_death_policy settingDaniel Chavez1+3-0
2019-05-04 21:11mention the timeout argument in python recv()Daniel Chavez1+12-1
2019-05-04 21:03dont use python's bytes class as a variable nameDaniel Chavez1+6-6
2019-05-04 20:35mention CURL build flavorDaniel Chavez1+1-0
2019-05-04 18:27add missing http_response_header().Joris Vink1+24-0
2019-05-03 13:40add kore.suspend()Joris Vink1+32-0
2019-04-27 18:05mention pythonJoris Vink1+1-1
2019-04-27 18:03first 3.3.0 mentionJoris Vink1+1-1
2019-01-21 14:283.2.2Joris Vink1+1-1
2019-01-21 14:28add recvfrom()/sendto()Joris Vink1+67-0
2018-11-30 20:02correct parthJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-30 12:36betterJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-30 12:35add nonblockJoris Vink1+2-1
2018-11-30 08:53Add hook API documentationJoris Vink2+140-0
2018-11-29 14:47fat fingered the keyboardJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:46add socketcloseJoris Vink1+19-0
2018-11-29 14:42correct grammarJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:41more fixesJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:40betterJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:39s/Filemap/FilemapsJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:35change pathsJoris Vink1+3-3
2018-11-29 14:34change titleJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:33even more shufflingJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:33move build.confJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-11-29 14:32add more docsJoris Vink3+110-1
2018-11-29 13:57add task_create / gatherJoris Vink1+92-2
2018-11-29 13:50fix anchorsJoris Vink1+43-43
2018-11-29 13:38betterJoris Vink1+4-2
2018-11-29 13:37update anchorJoris Vink1+2-2
2018-11-29 12:32link to python-asyncJoris Vink1+2-0
2018-11-29 09:02add tracerJoris Vink1+40-0
2018-11-28 22:29shuffleJoris Vink2+27-24
2018-11-28 22:27update book settingsJoris Vink1+2-2
2018-11-28 22:26update kodev pageJoris Vink1+24-0
2018-11-28 22:20update with new configuration optionsJoris Vink1+25-9
2018-11-28 22:16rewordJoris Vink1+2-2
2018-11-28 22:15start fleshing out the python apiJoris Vink1+486-0
2018-10-22 08:02Update 'kodev create' output to match latest versionFrederic Cambus1+2-2
2018-10-22 07:35Use macOS instead of OSX and OSx, and correct case for dependencies namesFrederic Cambus1+6-6
2018-10-09 14:32Various errors + typos fixes, and minor improvementsFrederic Cambus14+43-47
2018-10-09 13:34remove bad charactersJoris Vink4+24-27
2018-10-08 17:45Add documentation for kore_Pgsql_query_params().Joris Vink1+28-0
2018-07-11 08:47note on urandomJoris Vink1+8-0
2018-07-09 12:34describe how to get started with python_importJoris Vink1+8-0
2018-07-09 06:58move chapter + update linksJoris Vink3+68-69
2018-07-09 05:52add author, title, descriptionJoris Vink1+4-0
2018-07-09 05:47bumpidyJoris Vink1+4-5
2018-07-05 05:44improvementsJoris Vink2+18-14
2018-07-03 12:08improve the assets docsJoris Vink1+21-1
2018-07-03 11:57rework listJoris Vink1+164-33
2018-07-03 11:30mention required versionJoris Vink1+1-0
2018-07-03 07:36add anchor linksJoris Vink1+39-13
2018-07-03 06:41better structureJoris Vink1+26-0
2018-07-03 06:36add initial python apiJoris Vink2+419-0
2018-07-03 05:45we don't enable rsa key exchanges by defaultJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-07-02 07:56back to whiteJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-06-29 20:56better?Joris Vink1+1-1
2018-06-29 20:03i can't jsonJoris Vink1+2-2
2018-06-29 20:03does this work?Joris Vink1+2-2
2018-06-29 19:56add book.jsonJoris Vink1+7-0
2018-06-29 19:03update http refJoris Vink1+1-1
2018-06-29 16:31add http_response_filerefJoris Vink1+27-1
2018-06-29 08:31initial kore-doc commit.Joris Vink23+2065-0